Review for The Top-Rated Bug Detectors

Government agencies, criminals or people around you can place bugs at your home when they want to spy on you. Bug detectors are special devices that are used for locating bugs placed at home. These utilize a wireless technology that allows that allow these creatures to communicate their video recordings and video-feeds from their location. Their operation principle is similar to that used by government agencies to spy on criminals.

People can place hidden cameras in a hotel or your bathroom and stay listening to you while making a phone call. Doing a quick search online shows that it is easy to buy GSM bugs, Burst bugs, RF bugs, camera bugs and recording bugs. These devices are readily available in the market today. You can learn more about these detectors by visiting

Why You Need to Buy Bug Detectors

Investing in these tech-savvy devices will prevent people from spying on you. Installing an RF bug detector in your property of hotel that you are staying is the best way of establishing whether there are some bugs in your property. There are different types and models of bug detectors that you can buy. You can learn about these devices by analyzing their key features and specs. This write –up is going to guide you in choosing a device that suits your needs and budget. The following are top-rated bug detectors in the current market.

Acoustimeter RF MeterAM-10

This device is designed for locating and reading dangerous levels of EMF in a home. It is rated as one of the best bug detectors, but it is costly than the other top models. Homeowners can use this device to detect RF bugs that might be hidden in their homes. It has a high frequency, ranging from 200MHz to 10GHz. It uses a wireless communication system and an EMF detector to detect bugs. It has a long battery life of about twenty hours.


Has a two-year warranty
Has a high-frequency range
Comes with an EMF detector

KJB Security DD2020

This is another advanced and affordable bug detector. This detector is helpful in detecting RF bugs. The KJB security detectors are widely used by many police forces to locate criminals. It is made of aluminum that makes it very durable. It comes with an antenna that is similar to the one used on police radios. Its sensitivity can easily be increased by switching it on and slowly turning it up.


Simple to use
Classic style
Extremely durable